Salts removal ANTISAL 4Lt

Salt removal ANTISAL 4Lt


Reinforced dishwasher and cups.
Package: 4Lt

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Used as salt removers in dishwashers and coffee machines.

Removes salts from the inside of the washing machine, resistors and nozzles.

add 150-200ml ANTISAL together with water and wash without pots.

Then make a wash with plain water.

The product is ideal for removing salts and debris inside the washing machines, resistors and nozzles.

In addition, it removes salts from heather, electrical water resistances, as well as cement residues Always rinse with plenty of water after cleaning.

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of vapors. Use personal protective equipment.

It is an abrasive product.

Apply the normal precautions required to handle chemicals.

Clear water

Package: 4Lt

In the box box (4 pieces) the price includes a 10% discount.

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