Doypack pouches with ZIP

Doypack pouches with ZIP

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Doypack® pouches in craft color with Zip closure and heat-sealing in packages of 50 or 100 pieces

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Doypack® pouches: The New Trend in the Global Food Market!

Doypack sachets feature window and zipper closure, ideal for products like spices, herbs, herbs, nuts, legumes, candies, products, and more. They are safe to eat and retain for a long time their aroma and freshness.

Doypack bags are made of flexible material which, due to the way they form their base, can stand upright on the shelf that sells food, attracting customers' looks. They contribute to the visual upgrading of the product and its differentiation from similar competitors.

Closure: ZER, heat sealing

Color: Kraft

Dimensions (with pouch): 10x15 + 3, 12x20 + 4, 14x20 + 4, 15x22 + 4, 16x22 + 4, 16x26 + 4, 17x24 + 4, 18x26 + 20x30 + 5


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