Salts removal ANTISAL 13Lt


Reinforced dishwasher and cups.
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Used as salt removers in dishwashers and coffee machines. p>

Removes salts from the inside of the washing machine, resistors and nozzles. p>

add 150-200ml ANTISAL together with water and wash without pots. p>

Then make a wash with plain water. p>

The product is ideal for removing salts and debris inside the washing machines, resistors and nozzles. p>

In addition, it removes salts from heather, electrical water resistances, as well as cement residues Always rinse with plenty of water after cleaning. p>

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of vapors. Use personal protective equipment. P>

It is an abrasive product. P>

Apply the normal precautions required to handle chemicals. P>

Wash your hands after p>

Clear water p>

pH <20 ° C: 1.

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